Consultation Services to take you to the next level!

Consultation services for Mental Health Professionals looking to increase their reach by growing their private practice or by becoming an author or speaker.

My story

While I was in graduate school learning to be a therapist I realized that, though the school was doing a great job of teaching me the skills and theoretical information I would need to be a competent clinician, I was not necessarily getting the information I needed to be a competent business person. That was stuff I had to learn through trial and error and lots and lots of hard work and studying.

Over the years I would go on to build several successful private practices as well as my own thriving publication and speaking businesses and would go to travel across the United States as well as around the world. In my travels I went on to realize that I was not alone in my graduate experience, most clinicians were just as inexperienced as I was when they left graduate school about how to be business people.

I began to routinely have discussions with private practitioners that were attending my events about how to build successful businesses and how to build a speaking career. Sometimes I would become a personal mentor to these individuals, on some occasions they would even become my employees and work in my private practice.

As I watched these professionals also build successful practices by implementing my processes and ideas I began to realize that I enjoyed helping professionals build their careers almost as much as I enjoyed working with clients in my office. So, with some urging of some of my employees and mentees I decided to offer my coaching and mentoring services on a much global scale so other clinicians would not have to learn the hard way as I did.

Helping professionals avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that can doom your practice is the goal and this website will explain my services and how to contact me.